Lemons Lemon & Baking Soda – A Healing Combination - Most of you know that I am a naturopathic oncologist; the last several years my life have been consumed with research, cancer patients, and writing. I have personally found that these 2 antifungal/alkalizing agents are superior products for both detoxification of my co toxins and removal of acid metabolites (caused by microbial overgrowth). I highly suggest utilizing [...]
Antibiotics Vitamin C Protects Against Antibiotic Toxicity - According to a recent study, Vitamin C can protect against antibiotic toxicity. Check it out from SpectraCell below: “CLINICAL UPDATE: Vitamin C protects against toxicity from common antibiotic When gentamicin, a common antibiotic, was administered with vitamin C versus alone, markers of oxidative stress specifically with respect to kidney function were decreased. Researchers concluded that “this [...]
Adult ADHD Micronutrients Help Adults with ADHD - Happy Monday! Micronutrient supplementation has shown promise for helping adult patients with ADHD. Check out the study from SpectraCell Laboratories below: “CLINICAL UPDATE: Micronutrient supplementation shows promise for adults with ADHD In this double-blind randomized controlled trial, 80 adults with ADHD were given either a potent multi-micronutrient supplement or placebo for eight weeks. When evaluated by [...]


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